About the author

Economists do it with models


My name is Pavel Kiparisov (Павел Кипарисов), I am somewhat an economist (hybrid one). In this personal blog I post pieces of my research trying to convey them in a way that is brief, informative and, when possible, even fun.

I have a Master’s degree in Public Policy analysis received from Moscow Higher School of Economics, I studied Economic Policy at the Central European University in Budapest and currently I write my nerdy PhD in Regional Economics at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Random other things about me: I play the accordion, piano, guitar and sporadically write music. I’ve never tried to write a song about Sciences, who knows, maybe I should. In summer afternoons you will likely find me running in the park or doing street workout on the horizontal bar. I am really keen on photography but right now it’s on the sidelines.

If still interested, follow my bilingual Twitter where I share some delicious music (well, this observation may be biased) and add me on Facebook (but do not hope to find my baby pictures!). Still not enough? Check my LinkedIn page.

Why cypressus you may want to ask. Simply, in Russian my last name Kiparisov refers to a cypress tree.

Yours, Pavel Cypressov 🙂


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